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Site Masters Web Services.

Affordable and reliable internet presence. Whatever your needs, Site-Masters has the resources to fulfil.

We have a different approach to the norm in that all our staff are part time contacted, This means we can pick and choose from every staff member's strongest talents and availability in order to offer you inexpensive and cost effective websites.

Do you pay for advertising?

Whatever your trade or business, it is more true nowadays than ever before, that you need to advertise your presence to the world, to show why your company should be the one to supply the buyer with his needs.
Unfortunately your competitors are also thinking this way, and competition is fierce to occupy the top slot on the first page of the search engine results.

If you have infinite finances available you should be able to buy your way into these top positions but unfortunately most of us do not possess this luxury.

A very poignant remark was once made by an American trader - John Wanamaker:-

‘Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half’

In fact, through experience, I would go further to say more than 75% is wasted.

This is where we can assist.

We have access to arguably the best and most cost effective resources available. We utilise the FREE hosting and cheap domain name registrations offered by some big name companies. This ensures the cost are kept to an absolute minimum. Read more by clicking on the 'Services' link.

“I've just spent over £600 on a new site which no-one can find. Can you help us? ”

The site was reformatted, optimised and re-submitted by us and now ranks #1 on the first page of Google.


“You've made us very happy. We were quoted £750 for a site like that. Your bill for £200 was a real boost, thank you so much.”

Design.......... Website bespoke design.

Optimisation.. SEO & page ranking.

Submission... Search engine submission.

Domains....... Domain name registration.

Hosting......... Free hosting available.

E-mail........... Free e-mail addresses.